Buyer Agent Services

Buyer Agent Services

Buyer Agent Services

Buyer Agent Services

CoPro Brokers prides its self on Buyer Agent Services superior customer service.  We believe customer service is what sets a company apart from any other company.  All things being equal, it comes down to the people and the person.

When you are ready to make a home purchase or become a first time home buyer, our buyer agent services will help you understand the entire process and walk you through the home buying process to a successful closing.  There are many steps and people involved in buying real estate so let us help you navigate the entire process with our professional trained real estate agents.

Buying a home has a few steps involved.  First, you should make sure your finances and credit report are in order.  You can get a free copy of your credit report from each bureau by simply requesting a copy of your credit report.  You can do this free of charge once each year from each credit reporting agency.  Look for any discrepancies on your credit reports and if you find any discrepancies, notify the credit reporting agency for a correction according to their online process.  Make sure your finances are in order by putting together documentation of your income and expenses.  Don’t change, open or close any credit card account, bank accounts or change your credit in any way without first talking with your lender about what they may or may not want you to do.  Simply closing an old credit card account you haven’t used in a long time could do more harm than good to always consult with your lender first before making any changes.

Once you have set your initial appointment with your lender, you should have a pretty good picture of where you stand on buying a home, how much you qualify for and what payment you will be comfortable with.  This end result will tell your buyer agent what price range to work with to stay in budget for your personal situation.

Then it’s house shopping time!  You should look at as many homes as you feel necessary to find the right one for you.  Your buyer agent will help narrow down the search based on what you are looking for in a home.  Do you need three bedrooms or a two or three car garage?  Do you need to be close to work, what about schools?  There are many questions to work out with your buyer agent to help narrow the search for just the right home.

Once you find just the right home, you will work with your buyer agent to put together an offer for the seller.  This is where the details go.  The contract to buy a home is a little tedious but it does spell out all the terms and conditions so the buyer and seller are always on the same page and in agreement.

Once an offer is accepted by the seller and all the negotiations have been ironed out then all this information then get’s sent to the lender and title company.  This is where the lender and title company will go through all the details on their end and verify everything that needs to be confirmed and cleared prior to closing.

While all this is being done, the buyer will have a professional inspection performed on the property so you as the new owner will know every detail about the property, both good and bad.  Many buyers will use the inspection report as a sort of to-do list for what needs to be tuned-up on the property prior to sale closing.  Some items may be requested that the seller take care of and some items the buyer may be willing to handle after the sale.

The actual closing usually takes about one to two hours and involves lots of document review and signing by all parties involved.  Then after the successful closing, you are the new home owner of that property!

Congratulations! You did it!

Our Buyer Agent Services will be with you every step of the way.